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Keys, beach,
I can take you where your dreams come true.
Florida Keys, the beach,
We could have some fun just me and you.
Florida Keys, the beach,
We could do whatever you want to do.

I’ve been thinking about you babe,
And you’re on my mind.
Why don’t you come with me?
You know it’s not a crime.

Let me show you,
Let me take you,

Keys, Beach,
I could be the answer to all of your prayers.

I’m tired of waiting around,
Get in my arms.
Don’t try to resist me love,
You can’t fight my charm.

There’s nothing for you to do,
Just trust in me.
Relax and close your eyes,
Let yourself be free.

Break it down,
Let me break it down.
Break it down,

Let me show you,
Keys, beach,
And it would be so nice to have you here.

Doesn’t it just feel so right,
On the sand by me?
The sun can light up our love,
We can finally breathe.

The water is our playground,
The waves our ride.
No need to worry love,
Just feel the tide.

No need to think about,
The world outside.
The beach is just ours alone,
We don’t need to hide.

Aren’t you glad you took a chance,
And you caught the flight?
You think the Keys are great,
Wait until the night.